High-Performance Sports

One of the most commercially promising application areas for ΔG® is in the field of endurance performance.

Studies approved by the University of Oxford ethics committees have already revealed that ΔG® significantly improved physical performance in human athletes. The unique metabolic function of ΔG® has helped top sports professionals improve on their personal best and deliver record-breaking performances. ΔG® is also being used by athletes to prevent injury and aid recovery from injuries. Because it is a food, ΔG® does not appear on WADA’s list of drugs.

ΔG® isn’t just a highly effective means of increasing metabolic efficiency: it is highly acceptable to consumers, too. Manufacturing trials have demonstrated that ΔG® offers a palatable taste when present in orange and cranberry flavoured drinks. Further studies have also demonstrated that the compound is stable and does not degrade in drinks.

Sports and performance drinks represent a large and growing category within the western beverage market. Using ΔG® as an active ingredient will enable beverage brands to command a significant premium and unique marketing differentiator.


Studies funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have indicated strongly that a ketone diet – compared with conventional MRE (meal/ready to eat) ‘field rations’ – can increase physical performance during exercise to exhaustion.

This suggests that ΔG® has the potential to enhance combatants’ effectiveness in high-stress operational environments.

ΔG® has been developed with support from the Defense Advanced Research Program
Administration (DARPA). It already has regulatory approval in the US for sales to military Special Forces and for high-performance sports. This is a crucial first milestone towards wider approval.

Going forward, further funding will accelerate the sales of ΔG® in this high-value market segment.